Telemedicine: Is it the right choice for you and your pet?

  • To use this service, the doctors of Queen City Animal Hospital must have an existing Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship (a VCPR) with your pet. This is defined as your pet having been examined by one of our veterinarians in our hospital in the last year. We are legally not permitted to provide Telemedicine consultations for patients that do not fulfill this requirement.
  • If a VCPR exists, to get started you should contact our hospital at 704.703.1414 to get an appointment scheduled. Please note that not all visits are good choices for a telemed visit. For example, if your pet is limping, the doctor will need to palpate the leg, and possibly take radiographs, in an effort to figure out why your pet is uncomfortable. Telemed may not be a good choice for this type of appointment. There are other examples, and our team can help you decide what kind of appointment is best for your pet.
  • If telemed is a good choice and an appointment is made, our team will send you an email with the link to the Zoom call.
  • At the time of your scheduled appointment, join the zoom call! Our veterinarian will join you shortly.